The likelihood of severe flooding in Florida is very real. Florida has a long history of flood related disasters. If you live in a high risk flood zone in Florida then you know the necessity for flood insurance. But just because your home is designated in a high risk flood zone doesn’t mean you need to pay high premiums. Here at Florida Flood Insurance we have the ability to write policies through a private, A rated insurance carrier. What does that mean to you as a consumer? First and most importantly to us all it means lower flood insurance premiums! Expect to pay 30-40% less for flood insurance in Florida. Don’t worry, all mortgage companies accept our flood policy. In fact, our flood policy offers more coverage than the policy offered by the NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program) / FEMA. Another attractive option is a 15 day wait period as opposed to the 30 day required by FEMA. No one ever plans on having a flood happen, but when it does it makes the day a lot easier to face knowing that you have a highly rated flood insurance company behind you.

We also work with the National Flood Insurance Program for areas that our private carriers deem as having too much risk. Generally those areas are on the west coast of Florida but let us check with our underwriters to see if your home is eligible for lower premiums!

Some reasons why to use

  • 15 day waiting period as opposed to the NFIP/FEMA 30 day wait.
  • Lower flood rates and fees! Up to 40% lower premium and 29% lower fee
  • Policy includes $1,000 coverage for temporary dwelling residence (can be increased to $5,000) FEMA’s policy offers no coverage for this.
  • A rated carrier for secure and reliable protection

Over the past 10 years, the average flood claim is nearly $48,000. Many times flood damage happens in areas with low or moderate risk. These flood zones, designated as , X, B or D zones, often are much cheaper to insure than areas in high risk zones such as “A, AH, AO, AE, A99”. Premiums can be as low as $25 a month! Don’t be fooled into believing that a flood “will NEVER happen to me”. thousands of homeowners have said the same thing only to have a freak occurrence cost them their homes and personal belongings.. Once the storm is on its way, its too late to buy a policy so contact Florida Flood Insurance today 800-589-FLFLOOD (3535).

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